Adele has always taken photos and has seen how combining outdoor activity and photography benefits her overall wellness and peace of mind. She is truly in awe of the awesome landscape God has created and is happy to share her captures with all!



Double Rainbows and Boat

Fishing Village, Little Judique Harbour, Cape Breton, NS, Canada. Seeing double rainbows is a rare sight and an uplifting feeling! (Adele)

Trees in fall

The road less traveled but so inviting...Early morning foliage capture in rural Mabou, Cape Breton, NS. (Adele)


Trees in fall

The Milky Way is kind of a mystery to us as we cannot see it well with the human eye. It is humbling to realize that we are just a tiny speck in an amazing universe. (Adele)

Trees in fall

I am blessed to spend my summers on the western part of Cape Breton Island where the sun sets beautifully. (Adele)


Trees in fall

My favorite old barn on Cape Breton Island was being torn down. How majestic is still stands! (Adele)

Trees in fall

A dreamy sight with this misty Sunset over Henry Island, Cape Breton, Canada. (Adele)


Tree in field

My great grandfather’s homestead field overlooking the Atlantic Ocean in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada. Life is quiet here today and all that remains are the trees. I wonder what fun my ancestors had with this old tree? (Adele)


Beach and Sunset

Watching the sunset is finalization of the day, to reflect and give thanks. Port Hood, Cape Breton, Canada. (Adele)