Adele has always taken photos and has seen how combining outdoor activity and photography benefits her overall wellness and peace of mind. She is truly in awe of the awesome landscape God has created and is happy to share her captures with all!


Harbourview, Cape Breton

The sunset gold shimmering over the hills of Mabou, Cape Breton (Adele)


Harbourview, Cape Breton

Sunsets can be magical at the golden hour...wait for the sun to set and wait some more. Harbourview, Cape Breton. (Adele)


Point Pleasant Park, Halifax

The incredible smoke on the water after a frigid cold night create a masterpiece for the eye. (Adele)


Little Judique

Little Judique view in Cape Breton. (Adele)


Cold Morning

A shocking (and uncommon) - 20 degrees Celsius morning which resulted with some sea fog engulfing the vessels in the Halifax Harbor. (Adele)