"I've read it, it's great stuff, keep up the good work, thank you for your efforts."Bishop ManciniBishop Mancini
Archbishop of Halifax-Yarmouth, Anthony Mancini.

- “Many of us have children and grandchildren who do not go to church. They question our faith or even deny there is a God. Most of us have searched for arguments to guide them back to what we believe. “Faith & Reason” has the potential to change minds and hearts; something that every Christian will want.”


- “Faith & Reason is absolutely a 'Beautiful Gift to the Church. I know many, many people are going to be awakened by your journey, your search for evidence and God's Truth! Finally, something 'simple and true' to share with my loved ones. From the bottom of my heart I say: THANK YOU!”


- “David came to our parish as part of our youth program for high school students. The best way to describe this presentation is to call it a ‘Case for Christ.’ One young lady, Mackenzie, said, “These are things I can share with my friends.” As all parishes look for new ways to spark an interest in adult catechesis, a presentation from David would be a wonderful gift to a parish.”


- “It was a pleasure to hear the presentation today about "Faith and Reason". It is a testament that people need to hear, a publication that I will share with my family and friends and be a topic of discussion that will engage all generations in a conversation about our faith. It opens the door to those who have strayed, the disillusioned, the skeptical and gives renewed purpose for those of us that need a reminder to share our faith.”