Below is a list of highly recognized, scholarly sources for the evidence for God & Christianity: A wealth of knowledge in evangelism and apologetics having websites, videos, and many have debates on You-Tube.

  1. Dr. Brant Pitre
    Dr. William Craig
  2. Dr. Scott Hahn
    Dr. Sean McDowell
  3. Dr. Frank Turek
    Dr. Edward Sri
  4. Lee Strobel
    Patrick Madrid
  5. Tim Staples
    Ralph Martin
  6. Dr. Peter Kreeft
    Josh McDowell
  7. Dr. John Lennox
    Jim W. Wallace
  8. Bishop Robert Baron
    Trent Horn
  9. Dr. Gary Habermas
    Patrick Coffin
  10. Catholic Research Ctr.
    Credible Catholic
  11. Matthew Kelly
    Dr. Craig Blomberg
  12. Bishop Fulton Sheen
    Dr. Gary Rendsburg
  13. Francis Collins
    Society of Catholic Scientists
  14. I am Second
    C.S. Lewis