FAR180 is a Nova Scotia, Canada based Christian apostolate, an acronym for Faith and Reason - Connecting hearts and minds, Changing Attitudes 180 Degrees. Our mission is to be a source of evidence for God and Christianity, such as science, archaeology, prophesies Jesus fulfilled and more. FAR180 addresses the single biggest reason why people are leaving the church: Doubt and a lack of belief. FAR180 is for everyone, regardless of age, who is interested in searching for the truth and beginning their own journey. It is also for skeptics, those seeking validation for their faith, and for believers to share reasons for their belief especially with family and friends who have left the church.

Skepticism is not new to our generation, which is why 2000 years ago, St. Peter (3:15) told us to, “always be prepared to provide a defence for the hope that is in you” and the consequences of not doing so are visible all around us. FAR180 is a simple tool, to respond to St. Peter’s command…. to always be ready to defend our faith!

In 2010 David Palmer, FAR180’s founder, went from being a closet skeptic to a believer based on his journey for the truth exploring evidence for God and Christianity. It became his passion to share these truths with others, because as CS Lewis said: “If Christianity is not true it’s of no relevance, but if it is, it’s of infinite importance!” In addition to David, Mark Pilon, John Rae and Adele Beaton along with others contribute to FAR180 including blogs, web development and evidence of God’s natural wonders including spectacular photography of Nova Scotia and beyond. Learn how to defend your faith as St. Peter commanded, so you can, “Get to know God, love God and serve God.” For a free copy of “Faith and Reason – Evidence for God and Christianity”, click on the downloadable PDF in the resource tab) If you would like to acquire print copies for your church, organization, personal use, or to request a presentation, please click on the contact tab in the FAR180 menu.